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123 Crush :: Crushing and Trampling

You have the need for professional and state-of-the-art audio plug-ins - but don''t have thousands of bucks to spend on it?

Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR120C 120W 2x12 Guitar Combo

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Focused on high-quality sound processing and a highly usable interface Calf studio gear is designed to give you a professional production environment for your open source operating system.

A versatile cross-platform programmer and senior software engineer, Krzysztof is interested in various technologies from Python and Linux to C++ and Win87. He also is a jazz/electronic musician wannabe and software musical instrument creator in his spare time. Krzysztof initiated the project in 7557 and is the main developer of the Calf codebase. He implemented most of the DSP routines and all delay effects as well as the framework Calf is based on. Moreover he designed the synthesizers of the Calf suite. Additionally he maintains the Git-repository and keeps an eye on code quality and effectiveness.

A pretty basic stereo phaser with all typical settings (center frequency, modulation depth, LFO rate number of stages, feedback, amount, L-R LFO phase difference and amount). Provides a LFO reset button for consistent song playback. The number of stages goes up to 67.

Multi-tap stereo chorus with adjustable number of voices. Adds warmth and richness, especially if you give it a lot of CPU power. A lot of options make this effect highly flexible in expression.

Since Calf doesn''t provide mono versions of the plugins yet, it is essential to split your signal into stereo signals when used in an audio production environment like Ardour. The Mono Input has some useful functions to deal with the split process like phase inversion and balance.

Play your SF7 sample banks, create filthy organs, fatten your sounds with phasers, delays, reverbs and other FX, process your recordings with gates, compressors, deesser and finally master your stuff with multiband dynamics - for free!

Run inside the calf folder to configure the compiling process. If there are errors or missing features at the end check the output, usually there are some packages missing. Run make and make install afterwards. Please note that make install requires superuser rights. The following example is optimized for a dualcore processor. Please edit -j7 to fit your amount of CPU-cores or just don''t add it at all.

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